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Nevada Photo Source, founded by photographer Cathleen Allison in 2009, is changing its name to Nevada Momentum to more accurately reflect the diversity of its work.
“I started Nevada Photo Source as a photo agency, but over the years it has evolved as client needs expanded into writing, graphics, video, social media and web design,” Allison said. “The services have been much broader for several years. The business name is finally catching up to more accurately reflect the evolution of the company.”
Allison, a photojournalist in Northern Nevada for more than 30 years, was joined by writer Teri Vance in January 2015. Vance, a native Nevadan, has worked as a journalist for nearly 20 years. Their passion for storytelling has driven the expansion.
“Budget and staff cuts during the recession, combined with the boom of social media, left many nonprofits and government agencies stretched thin when it came to getting their message out to the community,” Allison said. “That’s where we come in.”
The content agency has grown to more than 30 contributors, including graphic designers, vide-ographers, web designers, social media experts and more.
“I am so fortunate to work with the incredibly talented team of creative folks who make up Mo-mentum,” Allison said.
Sena Loyd, director of the Carson City Library, said Nevada Momentum’s community ties have helped make the library’s programs more successful.
“One of the greatest advantages of working with Nevada Momentum is their connections throughout the city,” Loyd said. “In working with their team, I can collaborate with other agencies to better serve our community.”
Momentum, a content-creation agency, is the innovative marketing agency of a new era.
“Many people are familiar with the idea of a marketing agency, but content agencies are less familiar,” Allison said. “Our clients are increasingly media savvy, and while we have the staff to manage web, social and branding needs for them, most of what we do is create a wide variety of creative content for them to use.”
Joel Dunn, executive director of the Carson City Culture and Tourism Authority, has used Neva-da Momentum to help shape the city’s image.
“Nevada Momentum has been instrumental in the Carson City Visitors Bureau’s rebranding ef-forts,” Dunn said. “Their storytelling expertise — through writing, photography, video and graphics — has brought to life the people and places that make Carson City unique.”
Hannah McDonald, director of Partnership Carson City, said Nevada Momentum has helped her agency run more smoothly.
“Turning our marketing over to Nevada Momentum has allowed Partnership Carson City to fo-cus on our mission and not worry about anything else,” McDonald said. “The team at Nevada Momentum provides us consistent messaging across all platforms including social and traditional media as well as our website. It’s easily one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

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